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A review of The Lion of Mistra

Posted on: 13/04/2016 with tags: Byzantine empire, James Heneage, Reviews, The Lion of Mistra, Roman

I had not read one of James Heneage’s Rise of Empires novels before and despite having quite a good (or so I thought) knowledge of history, the Byzantine empire was a definite gap, so I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I picked up the third in the series The Lion of Mistra. What a fantastic surprise it turned out to be!

The novel follows the exploits of Luke Magoris who must trade, battle and hunt for treasure in his desperate attempt to save Mistra, the last great outpost of Imperial Rome. He has many adventures along the way, which take him across the world, from Venice to Timbuktu, the scope of the novel and the historical detail make this book never feel anything less than epic.

With a strong plot which had me on edge until the final pages, and a wonderfully realised depiction of this formative period of history, The Lion of Mistra is definitely not to be missed!

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