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Magna Carta (Paperback book), by David Starkey

Magna Carta (Paperback book)

David Starkey

'A soaring account of the months that transformed a messy feudal squabble into Magna Carta…his crisp storytelling, based around short chapters and rolling rhetoric, is extremely entertaining.' Dan Jones, Mail on Sunday

'I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Good history is descriptive, narrative and analytical. This is good history.' Gerard DeGroot, The Times

At Runnymede, on the banks of the River Thames, on 15 June 1215, the seal of King John was attached to the Magna Carta, and peace descended upon the land. Or that's what successive generations have believed. But is it true? And have we been persuaded (or persuaded ourselves) that the events of 15 June 1215 not only ended a civil war between the king and the barons but – as if by magic – established a British constitution beloved and copied throughout the world?

Informative, entertaining and controversial, Magna Carta: The True Story Behind the Charter
challenges centuries of myth-making to demonstrate how important it is we understand the true significance of that day beside the Thames, eight hundred years ago.

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